High Quality Memorials
We offer Northland's highest quality memorials, with top grade granite that has stood the test of time for hundreds of Northland families over the years.

Our extensive selection includes a wide range of shape, style and colour options, and we will work with you to find the memorial that best suits your location, your vision and your personalised messaging and artwork. We can also customise the size, colour and shape of your headstone if you are looking for something completely unique.

Book memorials are popular and come in various designs. You can have your granite carved in the shape of a book, either open or closed. Alternatively, a book outline (tracery) can be carved into the granite and painted so that the final image is of an open book with wording on the pages. You may wish to have contrasting granite colours for the spine of the book. Another alternative is a ‘wing & post’ design where the base and post are of a contrasting colour to the two wings. The wings can then be used as the pages of the book.
Book Tracery

Desk with book tracery in various colours and designs. Book tracery to face of stone

Open Carved Book

Open carved, in various colours and sizes with optional tracery

Open Tracery

Open Tracery design in various colours and designs. Book tracery design to face of stone

All Polished Saddle Open Book

All polished saddle open book, with family name to centre top. Open book tracery with central rose motif.

Wing & Post Book

Wing & Post with base and post in contrasting granite colour