High Quality Memorials
We offer Northland's highest quality memorials, with top grade granite that has stood the test of time for hundreds of Northland families over the years.

Our extensive selection includes a wide range of shape, style and colour options, and we will work with you to find the memorial that best suits your location, your vision and your personalised messaging and artwork. We can also customise the size, colour and shape of your headstone if you are looking for something completely unique.

There is virtually no limit to what can be carved in granite. If you can imagine it, we can craft it in everlasting stone. From cars to guitars, teardrops and flowers, dolphins, sails and waves the list goes on and on. Designs can be taken from photographs, artwork of from nature itself.
Carved Flowers

Wave topped memorial with beautifully carved roses either to left or right carved into stone to create the impression of the flowers growing out of the stone

Carved Roses

Simple flat plate memorial with roses carved in relief on a honed finish, remainder of memorial is high polished granite. Any style of flower of design can be carved in relief.

Carved Lillies

Carved lilies to left or right of shaped granite memorial. Flowers are carved fully exposed in honed stone, with the remainder of the memorial in high polished granite.

Custom Boat

Carved from a single piece of high quality granite with honed and polished surfaces this representation of a boat can be reproduced in any colour, size and design

Custom Car

Custom designed memorial in the shape of a car, using delicate sandblasting techniques to create the illusion of depth and form. This type of memorial can be reproduced in any size, colour or design

Custom Guitar

Guitar memorial with allowance for detailed inscription, this can reproduced in any variation of instrument, colour and design


The enigmatic and beautiful dolphin is depicted here with carved double dolphin memorial surrounding a spacious area for inscription and art work if required


A teardrop memorial with recessed ‘echo’ teardrop creating an attractive and subtle variation on the standard teardrop design. The all polished surface gives plenty of room for artwork and an inscription


The wave style memorial is depicted here standing on a base and plinth to give extra height and presence in the cemetery. Waves can be designed in any shape and in any direction. They provide a large area for art work and inscription  as well as being a little different from the simple straight plate