High Quality Memorials
We offer Northland's highest quality memorials, with top grade granite that has stood the test of time for hundreds of Northland families over the years.

Our extensive selection includes a wide range of shape, style and colour options, and we will work with you to find the memorial that best suits your location, your vision and your personalised messaging and artwork. We can also customise the size, colour and shape of your headstone if you are looking for something completely unique.

The of the symbol of the cross has been used to mark graves and sacred places long before it’s Christian associations. Although less popular today there is still a demand for the Celtic style cross and for crosses in the form of art work engraved onto memorials. The cross has very dominant present is any cemetery and stands out from the regular headstones surrounding it. Careful consideration should be given to the placing of any wording. A large granite die (block) of the same or contrasting granite can be used to place the wording on while the cross stands on top of it.
Celtic Cross

Celtic style cross with large base for inscription